Empower Her Restoration Journey

For survivors of severe abuse, there are no quick fixes. The restoration journey for each survivor will be complex and unique, and will likely take a number of years.

At Bloom Asia, we journey with each survivor for as long as it takes for her to find wholeness. We are committed to seeing each survivor not just heal from her past, but also empowered to build a new life.

However, we can't do this without your help.

Having reliable, regular donations allows the specialist staff in Cambodia to plan ahead and provide each girl with the services that she needs in order to rebuild her life. As a Life in Full Bloom partner, you make her restoration journey possible. By donating monthly, you can empower survivors with the ongoing support they need to experience true restoration.

"Surviving is not the same as healing." - Bloom  Asia Beneficiary

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Bloom Asia Freedom Journey

The Life in Full Bloom Community

Life in Full Bloom is a community of givers who are committed and passionate about changing the futures of survivors. Every month, they faithfully fight for her freedom.

This incredible community demonstrates the power of working together. As a community, Life in Full Bloom journeys with survivors on their restoration journey and empowers them with the skills and support to build a brighter future.

"Knowing that my donations are assisting Bloom to free even more girls from abuse, trauma and disempowerment gives me peace. My life somehow feels more valuable knowing I am supporting something greater than just my own needs.

Having experienced abuse and trauma myself, I have tasted unworthiness and brokenness. I have also been privileged to live in a country with many opportunities to restore myself and build my capacity. I feel privileged to help Bloom girls to receive the restorative holistic support that they truly deserve, so they can bloom."– Wendy Stuart (Bloom Supporter)

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thank you for walking with me

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