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Join Life in Full Bloom, our monthly donorship family.

Regular giving ensures that more young women can experience healing, hope and purpose in Cambodia and the Philippines,  rebuild their lives and look forward to their future. Plus, members receive exclusive news and updates from the ground and a surprise gift!

Want to join the family?

per month

$24 a month, you can provide medical care from health professionals for two young women at Bloom.

Help her heal.

per month

$73 a month takes a young woman through her vocational training certificate.

Help her learn.

per month

$290 a month will cover the cost of vocational training, counselling and personal development for one treasured young woman at Bloom.

Help her rebuild.


Click here if your church, group or organisation would like to enter a life changing, long term friendship with Bloom.

Help change their lives.

About Life in Full Bloom

Life in Full Bloom is our monthly donorship family. But it’s much more than that. Being part of Life in Full Bloom means you are connected to the heart of Bloom and committed to seeing ongoing transformation in women’s lives.

We believe, and have learnt over our nine years, that sustainable employment, counselling and development all go hand-in-hand in order for women with backgrounds of trauma to walk a practical and holistic path of healing. Joining Life in Full Bloom means you will directly help to empower women and give them the tools they need to build their own lives.

Life in Full Bloom shows a breakdown of the various different costs of our project so you can see exactly what palpable impact your gift makes on the lives of our girls; we invite you to plant the seed, open a bud, grow a flower or tend a garden. You can also choose your own level of monthly giving.

No matter the size of your gift, your contribution will help to change lives for the good.

And once you join the family, you’ll feel the love! Members of Life in Full Bloom receive exclusive news and updates from the ground and video content throughout the year, as well as a surprise gift along the way!

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