Cebu, Philippines


Cebu is one of the most densely populated islands in the Philippines and sits at the crossroads of trade, transportation and communication links. Many come to the city hoping in vain for jobs, resulting in a high unemployment rate and high density poverty. As with all disadvantaged communities, the most vulnerable groups tend to be women and children, which places them at high risk of abuse and exploitation.

Bloom Asia addresses this problem by providing high-quality vocational training for young women followed by full-time, sustainable employment in a social enterprise cafe and cake business. This opens a new pathway for vulnerable young women in Cebu and, in turn, also helps their families and the wider community.

Management Team


Gary and Hannah Cully, General Managers

Gary and Hannah Cully moved their family to the Philippines in 2016 to help establish the Bloom Training Centre and Cafe in Cebu. They are excited and feel privileged with be called to work with disadvantaged women in Cebu.

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